We sell new Spartan Windows!!!


All transparent plastics are not created equal. The material you want for your Spartan’s front windows is 1/4″ Lexan. Anything less will give you problems, particularly if you plan on towing your trailer.  This is the same material which Boeing, Airbus and Amtrak use in the side windows of their vehicles. It is so optically clear Hollywood uses it to protect personnel and cameras while filming explosions. It is extremely clear and resistant to scratching and sun damage. Our Spartan windows made from Lexan XL-10 and heat formed to the proper shapes from Timeless Travel Trailers exact specification. Using anything less will result in leaks and the windows falling out the trailer.

Each kit includes:

Installation Instructions

40 feet of window gasket
40 feet locking strip

We have found that the window opening size varies from coach to coach and year to year and, therefore, all windows are made slightly oversized and will need to be cut to fit the window openings of your trailer.

We HIGHLY recommend having a local glass installer help you with this process. Even with the right tools, installing the windows can be challenging,

Street Side




Curb Side


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